Daily Truck and Bus Segments

The road transport industry is vital to every Australian, and its importance is growing all the time.

Everything we buy, literally everything, spends at least some time on the back of a truck.

And even when we’re done with our consumables…yep, they’re loaded onto a truck again!

While trucks might be seen as big dinosaurs trundling up and down our highways, the truth is many new technologies, including electric drive and safety systems, come to trucks first.

An increasing number of Australians are also using public transport everyday with bus orders going through the roof in recent times.

Not to mention all the road safety issues that surround the operation of heavy vehicles and how they interact with passenger cars and other road users.

We figured this vital and really fascinating industry deserved a greater focus in the mainstream media – that’s why we developed the Daily Truck and Bus Segments.

Covering new technologies, road safety issues, interesting industry developments and hot topics like the worsening truck driver shortage, these segments allow for a glimpse into the booming road transport industry.

The segments (you will receive five per week x 52 weeks) are around 75 seconds in duration, including a 30 second embedded national advertisement on the tail.

Would you rather have an ad free version? That is certainly possible, but there is a small fee (contact us to discuss your requirements).

We also offer a community radio version of the Daily Truck and Bus Segments that includes the required ‘sponsor’ disclaimer on the tail of the ad.

These are available via the automated Air News distribution service.

The segment is hosted by Joel Helmes and includes reviews, interesting car industry news, motoring tips and positive road safety messages.

Potential Local Advertising Targets:

Truck Dealerships, Auto Servicing Centres, Service Stations, Insurance Companies, Local Finance Providers, Tyre Retailers, Smash Repairers and Wrecking Yards.

Check out an example of one of our recent Daily Truck and Bus Segments:

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