About Us

We’ve been producing syndicated automotive radio content since 2007.

Starting out as ‘Behind the Wheel‘, our business expanded into the online automotive space with popular websites including Car Review Central, Ute and Van Guide and Heavy Vehicles.

We have always had the one objective though – to produce easy to understand automotive content for readers and listeners.

Basically, content for people who aren’t car enthusiasts.

We realize that the overwhelming majority of Australians don’t live and breathe cars 24/7, they see them as being a means to go from point A to B (pardon the cliches!).

Yet despite this, we’ve always felt that the automotive industry, and many other automotive publications, have struggled to effectively communicate with this huge percentage of only casual observers.

Our syndicated radio content is aimed squarely at this general audience and we reckon we talk their language.

Check out more details on our Daily Car and SUV Segments.

Our truck content is a little more specified and is particularly aimed at truck and bus owners and operators, fleets, drivers etc.

Again though, the way we present the info is in a very general and entertaining manner, designed to ensure that even the casual listener will potentially take something useful away from the segment.

Mostly though, we want to try and bring the road transport industry a little closer to regular Australians and try to close some of that divide.

Check out more details on our Daily Truck and Bus Segments and Weekly Truck and Bus Segment.  

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Torque Radio is a division of Behind the Wheel Holdings Pty. Ltd.

P.O. Box 175, Oatley 2223

ABN: 18 162 107 128

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